Beit Al-Qasid


The behind-the-scenes of the enchanting Emirati historical romance drama series talented Bassem Shabou. Set in a coastal village 70 years ago, this series, scheduled for Ramadan 2023, unfolds a captivating tale of love and drama.

“بیت القصید” immerses viewers in the historical backdrop of a seaside village in the 1950s, exploring the lives and intricate relationships of its inhabitants. The series intricately weaves together elements of romance and drama, depicting the cultural richness and societal norms of the era.

With more than 150 carefully crafted visual plans, the series aims to visually transport the audience to the bygone era, capturing the essence of the time. Bassem Shabou’s directorial expertise ensures a seamless blend of historical authenticity, emotional depth, and captivating storytelling, promising a compelling viewing experience during the Ramadan season of 2023.

This behind-the-scenes glimpse offers a preview of the creative process, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail in crafting each visual plan to convey the historical, romantic, and dramatic elements of “بیت القصید.”

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