Color Correction

"In the world of cinema and television, color plays a crucial role in evoking emotions and capturing the audience's attention. As someone deeply knowledgeable in color correction, I have become one of the prominent specialists in this field. Utilizing my skills in color correction, I elevate images to a new level of beauty and engagement

Media Producer

As a professional Media Producer, I work with utmost responsibility and expertise in the field of multimedia content production. Leveraging creative skills and proficiency in content creation, my goal is to craft a compelling and immersive experience for viewers.In the realm of media, I transform each project into an art form, utilizing innovative techniques and advanced tools to breathe life into images, videos, and multimedia content beautifully.My commitment to high quality, technological advancement, and the elevation of the art of content production sets me apart. Tailoring solutions to your needs and objectives, I am ready to provide the best and most effective strategies. As a dedicated Media Producer, I am here to assist you in bringing your projects to the pinnacle of creativity and quality.

Visual Effects

"With years of experience in the realm of visual effects, I am recognized as an artist and specialist in this field. When crafting films and series, I leverage my expertise in creating visual effects to breathe life into stories. Meticulous attention to detail and the use of innovative techniques define my approach, always aiming to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience

نیما قپانوری

TV Advertisements

"As a writer, designer, and director in the realm of television advertising, I have built a reputation with years of experience, boasting over 200 TV commercials in my portfolio. Through creativity and talent, I have successfully brought diverse stories to life in the form of television advertisements. Innovation, expertise, and attention to detail are standout features in my advertising work."

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