I work as a designer and executor of visual effects, as well as a color correction specialist for films and series

Mastering Cinematic Realms as a Visual Effects Director


Hello, I’m Nima Ghapanoori, born in 1981 in Tehran. I studied Graphic Design and Film Directing at the university, accumulating over 20 years of experience. Throughout my career, I’ve been actively involved in the visual effects and color correction aspects of cinema, working on various films and television series.

I have directed and contributed to the visual effects and color correction of several short films, some of which have been honored with awards. In the realm of television advertising, I boast a resume featuring over 200 TV commercials as a writer, designer, and director.

Currently, I work as a designer and executor of visual effects, as well as a color correction specialist for films and series. My passion lies in crafting compelling visual experiences, and I continue to contribute to the ever-evolving world of cinematic art.

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Visual Effects

“With years of experience in the realm of visual effects, I am recognized as an artist and specialist in this field. When crafting films and series, I leverage my expertise in creating visual effects to breathe life into stories. Meticulous attention to detail and the use of innovative techniques define my approach, always aiming to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience. – Visual Effects Expertise- Film and Series Crafting – Story Enhancement – Attention to Detail – Innovative Techniques – Unparalleled Viewing Experience”

Color Correction

“In the world of cinema and television, color plays a crucial role in evoking emotions and capturing the audience’s attention. As someone deeply knowledgeable in color correction, I have become one of the prominent specialists in this field. Utilizing my skills in color correction, I elevate images to a new level of beauty and engagement. 1. Color Correction Expertise 2. Emotion Evocation through Color 3. Audience Engagement 4. Prominent Specialist 5. Image Enhancement 6. Cinematic and Television Expert”

TV Advertisements​

“As a writer, designer, and director in the realm of television advertising, I have built a reputation with years of experience, boasting over 200 TV commercials in my portfolio. Through creativity and talent, I have successfully brought diverse stories to life in the form of television advertisements. Innovation, expertise, and attention to detail are standout features in my advertising work. 1. Television Advertising Specialist 2. Extensive Portfolio with 200+ TV Commercials 3. Storytelling through Creativity and Talent 4. Innovation in Advertising 5. Expertise in Commercial Production 6. Attention to Detail and Quality



TV advertisement of Mardini cosmetic products, which was made to introduce the brand of these products brand of these products brand of these products brand of these products


The video also shows the latest technology that Dubai Police has at its disposal, including facial recognition and use of drones. Dubai Police showcase the new technology


DeliYar is a short film directed by Nima Ghapanoori starring Mohammad Hatami Behnam Tashkar and Mitra Hajjar, most of which has visual effects.

Visualizing Theater & Film


The poster captures the poignant essence of a thespian's reflection, depicting a man surrounded by the symbols of his craft—the circle of life and the jester's cap. "The Circle and the Jester" invites you to witness a soulful journey as the actor gracefully revisits the theatrical tapestry of his life.


The poster SHABIHKHOON the essence of a solitary journey, portraying a man immersed in contemplation amid the enigmatic hues of his thoughts. "Resembling Blood" invites you to witness the profound exploration of existence as this lone figure grapples with the complexities of his philosophical realm.


The poster for "The Cage" paints a portrait of a writer's life, singing within the heart of words. Her pen, like a magical wand, creates, and the characters passing through her mind come to life. In this captivating tale, encounter complex characters and thrilling adventures.

The behind-the-scenes of the enchanting Emirati historical romance drama series “بیت القصید” (Beit Al-Qasid), under the direction of the talented Bassem Shabou. Set in a coastal village 70 years ago, this series, scheduled for Ramadan 2023, unfolds a captivating tale of love and drama.


The behind-the-scenes of the luxurious TV ad for Maradini Beauty products, focusing on the introduction and branding of the exquisite cosmetic line. The advertisement aimed to portray the Maradini products as luxurious, incorporating visually appealing elements such as feathers and a sleek black panther.


 The behind-the-scenes of the nostalgic television advertisement for a 70-year-old insurance company, Nima Ghapanoori aiming to showcase its longstanding legacy and timeless appeal. The advertisement takes viewers on a journey from the past to the present, highlighting the company’s journey over the decades


The behind-the-scenes of the whimsical children’s film “بامبالا,” where the talented director Jamāl Hātimi brought to life a magical world of wonder. The film revolves around the enchanting story of a doll that mysteriously enters the lives of two children, possessing the extraordinary ability to fulfill their wishes


"Creating a 3D Wolf Model in Maya: From Beginner to Advanced"

“Step-by-Step Guide in Maya – Learn to Craft a Stunning 3D Wolf Model and Enhance it with Advanced Techniques.”

Watching the Tutorialrting Heading

Crafting a 3D Wolf Model in Maya


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